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RARSfest Volunteer Sign-Up

You do not need to be a RARS member to volunteer!
Complimentary admission and a special prize drawing for volunteers
who have signed up in the Volunteer Sign-Up System

Jeremy K2HJX
Volunteer Coordintor

RARSfest is completely volunteer driven. There are no paid RARSfest staff. Without volunteers, there would be no RARSfest. Please volunteer a few hours of your time and become one of the people who helps make RARSfest a success. Shifts are typically two hours each, but the number and length of shifts does vary by position. If you need more reasons to become a volunteer, see the answer to this frequently asked question.

In a change from prior years, registered volunteers do not need to buy an admission ticket! Sign up for at least one shift in the Volunteer Sign-Up System (and show up for your shift(s)), and we will give you complimentary admission to RARSfest. Complimentary admissions are not eligible for the prize drawings at the hamfest, but registered volunteers are eligible for a special volunteer-only prize drawing to take place at a later date, and you can always buy an admission ticket to be eligible for the hamfest prizes.

Please read the descriptions of the positions below. Click on the Press to Sign Up! button below to schedule your time.

Once you have signed up for at least one shift, you are eligible to offer a reasonable number of items for sale at the RARS Consignment Table. If you are a RARS member, register your items here. If you are not a RARS member, bring your items to the RARS Consignment Table at the back of the Jim Graham Building between noon and 4:00 pm on Friday, April 5th or anytime after 7:00 am the day of the hamfest.

 Press to Sign Up! 

Area/Team LeaderDescription
Tony O'ConnorK1OC
This is the largest crew. We need volunteers to staff 54 “shift slots” on Friday from noon until 7:00 pm and on Saturday from 6:00 am until 4:00 pm. Each shift is two hours long. You can sign up for more than one shift. Please sign up for more than one shift!

Security’s main jobs are to provide information and assistance to those attending RARSfest, monitor the entrances to the event floor, politely steer people to the ticket sellers, and generally keep the traffic moving during setup and tear-down. You will need a VHF HT and a Technician class or higher amateur radio license, or sign up with a friend who has them.

The Fairgrounds will also provide a uniformed security officer throughout the event.
Billy JankeKE4VNC
Another big crew, second only to Security. We need to staff about 32 “shift slots” to sell admission tickets Friday from noon until 7:00 pm at the flea market entrance (west overhead door), and on Saturday from 6:00 am until 2:00 pm at the flea market entrance and from 7:30 am until 2:00 pm at the main entrances.

This is a sit down job that sees a lot of faces. As attendees come in, we greet them and provide tickets. It is busiest on Saturday morning when the doors first open and those early shifts will require two people at each table, so why not get your buddy to sign up to work with you?

At least one person on each table needs to be a licensed radio amateur and have a HT radio.
Flea Market
Jeremy LindsleyK2HJX
Flea Market duty is at the west overhead door, checking folks in, assigning tables, etc. We need volunteers to assist from 6:00 am until noon on Saturday.
Saturday Load-In/Load-Out Team
Jeremy LindsleyK2HJX
The Saturday Load-In Team comes in first thing Saturday morning to help speed up the flea market registration and load-in process.

The Saturday Load-Out Team goes to work at the end of the hamfest to help speed up the load-out process.
RARSfest Command Center
Volunteers are needed on Saturday to make announcements over the public address system, field questions, tend to the ticket barrel, and work the help desk, etc. This has always been an "all day" job for a few people instead of a 2-hour shift, but there's plenty of opportunity to get away one at a time to roam the fest. The Command Center is open on Saturday from 7:00 am until just after the 'fest closes at 3:00 pm.
Chuck TillK4RGN
Talk-In operates from 5:30 am until noon on Saturday only. You don't actually need to be at RARSfest to do Talk-In. You just need to be within your radio's range of the W4DW 146.64 MHz repeater.
Dave ThomasK4SAN
This crew is also known as the Dumpster Divers. When everyone else clears out, there may be some tables that need to be moved around to help dealers get out of the building. Then comes the Dumpster Diver fun. The teardown crew gets to clean up and dispose of any spoils that are left behind as they see fit.
Volunteer Consignment Table
Tom LewisN4TL
To make it easier for volunteers to work at the hamfest, they can leave items here to be sold while they work. Starting on Friday at noon this crew tags and inventories items as they are brought in. The table is manned for sales all day Saturday.

Volunteers who are RARS members are asked to pre-register their items for sale. Volunteers who are not RARS members can bring their items to the RARS Consignment Table at the back of the Jim Graham Building between noon and 7:00 pm on Friday, or anytime after 6:00 am the day of the hamfest.
RARSfest Chair
Nancy TorborgKB2TNR
Can't seem to figure out what you want to do?
Can't get hold of the guy that runs the crew you want to help with?
Can't find what you're looking for?
Can't ........whatever...
Fear Not—We have other jobs available.
We WILL find a way for you to help.

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