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RARSfest Talk-In

Primary Talk-In Repeater

RARSfest Talk-In will be on the W4DW RARS repeater, 146.64 MHz, -0.6 MHz offset, no tone

Talk-In Hours
Friday    Noon — 6:00 pm
Saturday 5:30 am — 2:00 pm

Back-Up Talk-In Repeater

If the 146.64 repeater is down, the backup is the WB4TQD wide area repeater, 146.88 MHz, -0.6 MHz offset, 82.5 Hz tone.

NOTE: The backup repeater will not be monitored unless needed.

Area “Rag Chew” Repeaters

Dial Freq.
444.525+5.082.5North Raleigh
145.210-0.682.5South Raleigh
147.270+0.6No ToneJohnston County

You can find additional repeaters on the Raleigh Area Repeater List