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RARSfest Flea Market

The “Early Bird” Period has CLOSED!

The Flea Market

The Flea Market is for non-commercial sellers of used amateur radio and related equipment. It is located in the back (south) half of the Jim Graham Building. See the Event Floor Plan. See the Commercial Area page if you are a commercial seller of new amateur radio and related equipment.

RARSfest 2024 is in the books! Thanks for coming! See you next year!

Some of RARSfest's Special Flea Market Features

  • All-indoor flea market area
  • Approximately 50,000 square feet of flea market space
  • Air-conditioned building
  • 230+ flea market tables with chairs, priced attractively
  • 120 VAC power connections available for purchase
  • Easy load-in and load-out—Drive up to your table Friday afternoon, early Saturday morning, and after the show

Important Information for Flea Market Sellers

  • For load-in, unload your gear at your table(s) as quickly as possible, and move your vehicle outside before unpacking and setting up
  • For load-out, have your equipment packed and ready to go before going to get your vehicle
  • Bring your own table coverings, power cords, distribution boxes, and moving carts
  • No running generators or other internal combustion engines in the building
  • No buying, selling, or trading on Fairgrounds property except in the RARSfest building, please
  • No weapons or pornographic material may be exhibited, sold, traded, or given away anywhere on Fairgrounds property
  • No food or drinks may be sold except by the authorized food concession in the RARSfest building
  • No one except RARSfest Staff and Volunteers is permitted in the building before noon or after 7:00 pm on Friday, or before 6:00 am on Saturday
  • You may access the show floor to set up only as follows:
    • On Friday, between noon and 7:00 pm; all vehicles must be out of the building by 7:00 pm
    • On Saturday, after 6:00 am; vehicles may not enter the building after 7:30 am and all vehicles must be out of the building by 7:45 am
  • See the Vehicle Access page for important information about when and how you can drive into and out of the building
  • See Frequently Asked Questions for Flea Market Sellers if you have more questions.