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RARSfest Communications Vehicle Static Display

If you have a cool, communications-related vehicle that would make for a good static display at RARSfest, please contact RARSfest Chair Nancy Torborg, KB2TNR.


JARS COM, the Johnston Amateur Radio Society's Emergency Communications Vehicle is a perennial favorite! See you next year on April 5, 2025.
Onslow ARC Antenna Trailer

KE4WMF/R's Tricked Out "Stealth GTI" Amateur Radio Rover couldn't make it this year, but the Onslow Amateur Radio Club brought their amazing, home-brewed, tilt-up, extending antenna mast trailer, instead, which frankly exceeded expectations. We hope they are both back next year on April 5, 2025.

The IEEE MOVE Emergency Response Vehicle made it to RARSfest in 2024 and we hope to see them again next year on April 5, 2025.