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RARSfest Hands-On Project Table
We believe that hands-on projects are an important part of any hamfest. Unfortunately, Alan AB4OZ, our patient and longstanding staff-member in charge of the RARSfest Project Table, announced his retirement following RARSfest 2023. We are looking for someone to carry Alan's banner forward for 2024 and potentially beyond.

You wouldn't be doing this alone. We would have slots for volunteers to help you out during the hamfest, and we expect there are plenty of hams with good ideas for suitable projects. We're looking for a leader, not necessarily a turn-key solution.

If you are creative, a good mentor, and have ideas for amateur-radio-related projects that can be completed in a half an hour or so by individuals of various ages and skill levels, please click here to let RARSfest Chair Nancy Torborg, KB2TNR know if you are interested in taking over the reins from Alan.