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RARSfest Commercial Area

The Commercial Area is for commercial sellers of new amateur radio and related equipment (Dealers) and non-commercial exhibitors related to amateur radio, such as AMSAT, the ARRL, and the like (Exhibitors). See the Flea Market page if you are a non-commercial seller of used equipment or an amateur radio club.

Dealers and Exhibitors have a choice of either attractive 10' x 10' pipe & drape booths with a table, chairs, and divider curtains, or eight-foot tables (with chairs) in a custom arrangement (space permitting).

Our Dealer Package includes an information sheet, the rate card, a registration form, and a flyer with a map and other details. It will be available on or about January 30, 2025.

The deadline for ordering space in the Commercial Area will be one week prior to RARSfest.

To request the Dealer Package, or for more information about or to order booth space, please contact:

For more information about or to order tables in the Commercial Area, please contact:

  • Jeremy Lindsley, K2HJX
  • Tel: +1 (919) 523-9631

Some of RARSfest's Special Features for Dealers and Exhibitors

  • RARSfest regularly draws over 1,600 amateur radio operators and electronics enthusiasts from the mountains to the coast of North Carolina, as well as from South Carolina, Virginia, and West Virginia
  • We are one of the few remaining large hamfests on the East Coast
  • We are the largest all-indoor hamfest on the East Coast
  • All booths, tables, forums, exam sessions, prize drawings, and award events are in a 100,000 square-foot air-conditioned building
  • The Commercial Area is located at the front of the show floor, in a prime traffic area
  • Power drops available at no charge (bring your own power cords and distribution boxes)
  • Complimentary RARSfest admission for up to four of your staff (complimentary tickets are not eligible for prize drawings)
  • Easy setup and take-down—You can drive up to your space to unload Friday afternoon and early Saturday morning, and you can drive back in to pack up after the hamfest is over Saturday afternoon
  • RV camping space with full hookups onsite at the Fairgrounds. See here for more information.
  • See here for the Fairgrounds’ list of area hotels.
  • Security in the building from noon on Friday until 4:00 pm on Saturday

Important Information for Dealers and Exhibitors

  • Bring your own table coverings, power cords, distribution boxes, and moving carts
  • No running generators or other internal combustion engines in the building
  • No buying, selling, or trading on Fairgrounds property except in the RARSfest building, please
  • No weapons or pornographic material may be exhibited, sold, traded, or given away anywhere on Fairgrounds property
  • No food or drinks may be sold except by the authorized food concession in the RARSfest building
  • No one except RARSfest Staff and Volunteers is permitted in the building before noon or after 7:00 pm on Friday, or before 6:00 am on Saturday
  • You may access the show floor to set up only as follows:
    • On Friday, between noon and 7:00 pm; all vehicles must be out of the building by 7:00 pm
    • On Saturday, after 6:00 am; vehicles may not enter the building after 7:30 am and all vehicles must be out of the building by 7:45 am
  • See the Vehicle Access page for important information about when and how you can drive into and out of the building
  • See Frequently Asked Questions for Dealers and Exhibitors if you have more questions.