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Meet the 2024 RARSfest Staff

Nancy Torborg KB2TNR —  RARSfest Chair, Facilities & Pre-Hamfest

Nancy is an elementary school librarian by day, a director of stage-musicals with a hundred 8-to-11-year-olds by night. In her spare time, she is the RARSfest Chair. Nancy stepped up in 2022 to bring RARSfest back after a two-year, COVID 19-induced hiatus. Her experience with middle-schoolers has proved invaluable.

Billy Janke KE4VNC —  Admissions

Billy is a captain in the Raleigh Fire Department and a self-described “radio dork.” He was “voluntold” to join the reconstituted RARSfest team for 2023 and has been putting out fires at the Admissions desks every since.

Chuck Till K4RGN —  Command Center, Talk-In

Chuck is a former part-time announcer on WCPE, the classical music FM radio station in Wake Forest. During RARSfest, he brings his melifluous voice to the Command Center in the middle of the show floor and to our talk-in station, ensuring that attendees know what's going on and travelers make it safely to the hamfest. He is also in his second year as the Vice President of RARS.

Chuck Littlewood K4HF —  Dealer & Booth Information, Meetings & Forums

A former Chair himself, Chuck has been involved with RARSfest since before anyone can remember. Chuck's experience and institutional knowledge are invaluable. He tries to prevent us from repeating past mistakes. We don't always follow his advice, but that doesn't mean we don't value it. Some mistakes we just have to make for ourselves.

Jeremy Lindsley K2HJX —  Flea Market, Pre-Registration, Promotions, Volunteer Coordinator

Jeremy's passion is public service. He is the RARS Public Service Director and head of the Ham Public Service North Carolina group. Consistent with that, Jeremy joined the RARSfest team to help bring it back in 2022. As you can see, he wears many hats. We like this one the best.

Tadd Torborg KA2DEW —  Member at Large

Some people think the only reason Tadd is on this list is that he is the Chair's husband, but that's not completely true. Tadd has been instrumental in the evolution of RARSfest, including driving changes in door prizes, volunteer incentives, and the attendee experience. He also performs IT and Documentation/Publication support for the Chair, including hosting Zoom meetings.

Fin Gold NC4FG — RARS Booth

Fin is the newly-elected president of the Raleigh Amateur Radio Society. He has lots of great ideas for transforming RARS and RARSfest. Come visit him at the RARS Booth, he'll tell you all about them. Fin ran Security for RARSfest for a few years pre-COVID, so this isn't his first rodeo.

Tony O'Connor K1OC —  Security, Webmaster

In 2022, Tony let Nancy put his name down for Security as a “placeholder,” with a promise that she would find someone else to do it for real. That has yet to happen, so this will be his third year running Security for RARSfest. As the webmaster, he is at least partially responsible for some of the stuff on this page. His colleagues still aren't talking to him.

Sam Harris KQ4AQJ —  Setup, Flea Market

Sam first joined the team for 2023 to help make sure that everything was in place before the doors opened to the public. It was, so we begged him politely asked him to come back and do it again in 2024. He is also Jeremy's deputy at the Flea Market entrance on Saturday.

Daniel de Court W3WDD —  Signage

In 2023, Daniel stepped up to solve a problem that had been plaguing RARSfest for years — the lack of clear direction on how to get there. Daniel is in charge of putting up outdoor signage to direct traffic in the vicinity of the Fairgrounds to RARSfest, and signage inside the building to keep people where they are supposed to be. He comes all the way from Dillsboro to help us out. In real life, he is a Volunteer Examiner and rescue squad volunteer.

John Bowman N4JMB —  Social Media

John joined the RARSfest team for 2024. A digital marketing professional, we've asked him to bring a little polish to our marketing outreach. He is the founder and owner of Mil-Spec Digital, which provides digital marketing services for veteran-owned organizations.

Dave Thomas K4SAN —  Teardown

Believe it or not, people sometimes just leave behind stuff they haven't been able to sell at the hamfest. Another longtime RARSfest staff member, Dave leads the team affectionately known as the “Dumpster Divers.” They scoop all that stuff up and make sure it goes to a good home.

Greg Seamster KE4PAX —  Treasurer

Greg is another long-standing member of the RARSfest team who brings valuable institutional knowledge. But more importantly, Greg keeps track of the money. He makes sure we don't spend more than we have. Greg has been the RARS Treasurer since 2001.

Tom Lewis N4TL —  Volunteer Consignment Table

Another long-standing member of the RARSfest team, Tom helps out other RARSfest Volunteers by selling their ham radio junk treasures at the consignment table. Tom was the RARS Vice President from 2014 through 2022 and has been the editor of the EXciter, the RARS newsletter, since 2015. He's also a serious DXer!

Richard Hall K7RLH —  Volunteer Examiner Team

Richard is a retired USAF pilot and consulting professional engineer. Accredited as a Volunteer Examiner through the Laurel VEC and a member of the Five County Ham Radio Enthusiasts Group, Richard is the newly-elected RARS Volunteer Examiner Chair and joins the RARSfest team for 2024.

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