RARSfest - Door Prizes 2023

We have drawings for two kinds of door prizes – cash prizes donated by RARS, and gift certificates and other prizes sponsored by exhibitors. Some of the sponsored prizes are listed below. We update the list of sponsored prizes from time to time, so check back often.

RARS Cash Prizes

Sponsored Prizes

This list was last updated on March 22, 2023.

Drawings for the RARS Cash Prizes will be at approximately the times listed above. Drawings for the Sponsored Prizes will be conducted randomly. Winning tickets will be announced over the building's public address system (so keep your ticket stubs). Winning tickets for Sponsored Prizes will be added back into the ticket barrel and be eligible for subsequent drawings. Winning tickets for RARS Cash Prizes will not be added back into the barrel and will not be eligible for subsequent drawings.

Winners may collect their prizes at the main stage, but you need not be present to win either kind of door prize. Unclaimed prizes will be mailed to the addresses on the winning tickets. If a winning ticket doesn't have an address on it but has the winner's call sign, we will mail the prize to the winner's address shown on QRZ.com. If the winning ticket doesn't have an address or call sign on it or the winner isn't a licensed amateur, we will contact the winner at the telephone number or email address on the ticket, if any.

If we are unable to get ahold of the winner after a reasonable period of time using the methods above, we will donate the prize to the Raleigh Amateur Radio Society in the winner's name for RARS to do with as it sees fit.

Please note that complimentary tickets are not eligible for prizes.